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About Tell

Tell DRC is a Life DRC. A Life DRC is the world's most fair currency, and will be one of history's largest currencies. Like democracy is the largest doctrine because it is the most fair.

The main purpose of Tell is reducing economic unfairness. The second purpose is reducing climate change [though the former aids in the latter too]. In supporting Tell, whether outspokenly or silently, you reduce those two problems as well.

The Earth and our Civilization is in a deep crisis. A perfect storm is building up, where society and nature are both being besieged and fragmented at once, thus undermining our ability to protect either, when we need it the most. That is why we, behind the Tell DRC, act now.


Recursive Capitalism is a civil rights movement paired with mathematics and economics. The economic capacity neccessary to live a decent human life - is a human right. That is what the Life DRC Tell wants to give the world.
The Fair World Economy Starts WithInTell.

We provide people with something simple. We provide you with increased economic fairness, and the world with greater muscles for the protection of our nature and climate. Those are among the things in greatest demand today. Before Recursive Capitalism there were no means of achieving this within the frames of the free market. Now there are.

Among the worst mistakes in the history of human civilization is the creation and promotion of debt based currency. The damage it has done - to our societies and to our life support system; nature - is arguably greater than that of military arsenals. Debt based currency is one of the biggest contributing factors to the state the world is in today; including socio economic inequality and todays epic environmental destruction and global warming. Fiat is part of the disease, and Recursive Capitalism spearheaded by the Life DRC is part of the cure.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is simple. When we strip all dogma and morality from the concept, responsibility can be regarded as the ability to respond. If we have the ability to respond to [i.e. to partially or entirely solve] a problem, by definition we regard ourselves to have a responsibility to do so. There is no blame or burden in that thinking. It is just clarity and a simple statement of fact. We are able to reduce the damage currently being done to nature and to life itself [the most severe threat being global warming, but the damage also includes among other things the abnormally rapid extinction of species] and we also have the ability to increase economic fairness [i.e. reduce economic unfairness] to a certain degree. Thus, we consider ourselves to have a responsibility. That is why Tell exists. We are going to help the world to the best of our ability.

A short intro

First of all: This page provides a summary description of Tell and DRCs [Digital Recursive Currencies]. If you want to understand the full benefits and details of Recursive Capitalism, a book we can refer to as NC will be released at a future date. Now let us start with the introduction of Tell.

Who are we? We are Tell DRC Co. You find us on the domain by the same name:

What do we do? We have built and maintain the platform Tell DRC, which can be introduced from many perspectives. From one perspective, via it we provide humanity with two things.

  • Most importantly we provide humanity with the first true Life DRC. DRC means Digital Recursive Currency.
  • Secondly, we will provide humanity with a Universal Electronic ID.

Tell is a Life DRC, a recursive currency who's value is based on what humanity considers humans to have a right to by birth. To a small degree, 6%, Tell is also a Climate DRC, whose value is based on the value people perceive that saving the climate has. Our purpose is thus mainly to reduce economic unfairness and secondly to oppose climate change and protect nature. That is what we do. That is what our platform does, and we have chosen to dedicate ourselves to this because we know these are the two most pressing issues facing humankind.

The concept of Recursive Capitalism is very simple. In Capitalism 1.0, some people provide others with bread, and some provide others with diapers via internet stores, or a platform to interact socially with others. In short, those actors solve certain problems to a certain degree, and benefit from providing the solution. We do the same. We provide a solution, and the market tells us what our solution is worth.

A Life DRC is financed recursively, as any currency in history has been financed. Gold, silver, barter, fiat currency, and lastly DRCs, all get their value recursively from the perceived value of the very solution they by definition provide.

Governments have severely failed us at making a stand against climate change and economic unfairness. Because of that, and because those problems constitute existential threats to our world, we offer a parallel solution to both those problems. We act, because the governments of our world are massively letting us down as we speak.

During the roughly 5000 years of civilization that have gone by so far, the global ecosystem which enables our very breathing in this very moment, has been disrupted faster and faster without any government stopping it, and due to mainly the destructive paradigm of debt based currency that governments support, economic injustice is rampant. Many governments, including industrialized ones, also have large subsidies for fossil fuels, while other large governments support deforestation and more. The list is long. Governments have not only failed at protecting us from the bad guys. To a big extent, governments have made themselves the bad guys. They are choosing short term wins at the price of long term loss. Waiting for them to save us from themselves is not rational. We - have to help each others. And Tell DRC is about just that; reducing suffering, and reducing poverty, and reducing damage done to nature and our climate.

Tell DRC is however not Universal Basic Income. UBI is static and non-self-correcting. Recursive Capitalism is an anti fragile and self-correcting framework for problem solving. UBI is also based on politics, government and on slow, fragile and non-transparent processes. A Life DRC is dynamic, transparent and based directly on mathematics, technology and the psychology of us humans.

Furhermore there is nothing basic about the Life DRC. If our economy and technology grow, so does the Life DRC. The potential in the Life DRC is consequently as limitless as the technological and economical potential in our civilization. A Life DRC is no more basic than humans themselves are, yet we didn't evolve due to static and linear processes. Automatic and natural phenomena, such as gravity, biological evolution and the free market as a whole, can just like Recursive Capitalism indeed yield non basic things. Gravity generated the stars. Biological evolution generated us. And Recursive Capitalism made the Life DRC.

UBI is like a horse carriage you manually must control, and that can be easily stopped if someone doesn't like your horse, or if your horse runs out of food. Whereas the Life DRC is like a self driving car running on solar power, one that can read your mind for instructions: It goes on, and automatically adjusts to how fast and to where people think it should drive. You would only prefer the horse carriage out of sentimentality, not due to reason.

We are however not a payment platform. You don't pay money via us. You only register cryptographic receipts on the platform, if you want to, but you don't have to register them. And after that, we merely balance all the cryptographic receipts that have been reported to us, and put the result in shadow balances. You could have money we don't know of. You could have made payments we don't know of.

At the end of the day, Tell is - just like Recursive Capitalism itself - something very simple and complex at the same time. But peak complexity interestingly perfectly intercepts peak simplicity. And if you are not interested in detailed explanations of "How", that is perfectly fine. Tell is still very simple to use as a currency. All the cool stuff happens in the background and you can simply live your life as you always have.

We bid you a warm welcome to the future.

How valuable will the daily mintage become?

In short, as our civilization gets more and more efficient and as its technological level increases, the purchasing power of the mintage each human receives [and of 1 unit of Tell] will go up over the years. It will only rarely grow faster than our economy and technology [possibly only during the first 5-10 years], but as long as our civilization advances further, the value grows. [If our technology, economy and society stops developing or even recedes, so will the value of the daily mintage of Tell.]

This means that over greater stretches of time, the growth potential of the Tell purchasing power, is as limitless as the technological potentiality inside of our civilization - neither more nor less. Yet in the short run, or even in the foreseeable future, neither we nor anyone else can guarantee a certain market value.

Recursive Capitalism is a non-political and non-by-force, but only based on mathematics, psychology and technology, way of building a Fair World Economy.

The two phases of Tell

Recursive Capitalism and the Life DRC are desperately needed in the world. In order to spread to more humans faster, and start a More Fair World Economy faster, we have two phases of Tell. In the second [final] phase, Expansion will truly be fixed to the percentage of growth of number of users. But that demands our verification system is complete. Until then we can't bind Expansion to the increase of the number of verified accounts. All that is needed for the growth of the nascent Life DRC is in fact a cryptographically secure Life DRC queue. Therefore, to begin with, we fix the Expansion Rate to preset values. This affects nothing in the big picture. It is just a cosmetic change. As Expansion befalls every single account equally, it doesn't change anything. We could technically skip this Phase One Expansion entirely, but that could result in the hassle of a cup of coffee costing say 0.000005 Tell one day, which would be really annoying.

This simply means: When you sign up, your mintage immediately starts counting from that very day. And day by day the full sum goes up along with the Expansion Rate. You can register receipts of transactions, but you can't use the mintage sum before verification. Thus, if you want to register receipts of outgoing transactions you have to get someone to send you money first. When our verification system is up and running [as soon as possible], then you will only be able to verify one single account. That means if you have created two, the second one will simply go to waste.

  • Phase two begins when the implementation of our verification system is complete [The V-Day].
  • From V-Day on, accounts don't get mintage before they are verified.
  • Then commences a 180 day countdown, during which time people must verify their accounts - if they wish to keep the mintage balance. Once those 180 days are past, we start randomly deleting the mintage shadow balances of non verified accounts [registered before V-Day]. We do this to 5% of the affected accounts at a time. Meaning we do this for 20 days.
  • That means we reduce the shadow currency supply in exact relation to the number of old accounts not getting verified. Which is to say; those mintage shadow balances that are deleted, are completely deleted.
  • During this transition period, Expansion will be still, meaning at exactly 1.
  • Once those 20 days are over, we have the one time only Expansion Correction Event. Meaning; by then we have X number of truly verified accounts. We adjust the whole shadow supply of currency to this number, so that it from that point on is is X * 100 Tell. This is Day-20.
  • The correction is consequently completely fair to everyone.
  • From Day-20 onwards, Tell functions in its truly mature form; where Expansion is the actual and precise Expansion Rate, as it should be, and not fixed.
  • We will pass from Phase One of Tell to Phase Two as soon as possible.

As defined in Terms of Service - it is prohibited, and considered a fraudulent act buying an older unverified account with more mintage. It also most likely means that the person doing so will be robbed, because the seller most likely has a copy of the Private Tell Key even though he/she claims not to, thus having full access to your money.

The Protectorate of the Haven

Read about this method to protect nature, the climate and by extension our civilization on this page: The Protectorate of the Haven [i.e. of the stable biosphere that the Holocene enabled on Earth].

Symbols of Tell and Trey

The actual symbols of 1 Tell and 1 Trey:

Tell icon Trey icon

1 Tell

1 Trey

1 Tell [ᛅ] = 1 000 Trey [ᚯ]. 1

Visual representations of 1 Tell and 1 Trey:

Tell visual representation Trey visual representation

1 Tell

1 Trey

The Tell and Trey symbols can also easily be written by hand - or digitally - in a simplified form: ᛅ for Tell and ᚯ for Trey. One vertical line with one tilted horizontal line for Tell, and two tilted horizontal lines for Trey. We suggest the symbol generally comes before the sum, e.g. ᛅ2.99. These symbols are in fact ancient runes, just like Tell itself originating in the North. The HTML entities are ᛅ and ᚯ and their Unicode code points are 16C5 and 16AF.

Who creates the money?

Nobody. We do not create money. We do not give anyone money. We don't even handle money, or transactions. The money already exists. It has always existed. It is just that nobody has really taken note of it. Tell DRC Co. is merely three things; [1] A provider of a Universal, Free and cryptographic eID; the Tell eID. [2] The provider of a Transomnic Receipt Handling Platform where shadow balances are calculated. [3] A Trustworthiness Rating Institute of Account holders using the Life DRC Tell. That is all we are. Nothing more, nothing less.

At the very core of the Life DRC it is inseparable from life itself. The true economic value of the Life DRC is via recursive value ascription the value we consider to be the human birthright. Just like the doctor that measures your blood pressure doesn't create your blood pressure, so do neither we create the value here. We merely measure it, in accordance to what people think it is worth.

There is no real central authority of the Life DRC. An ID issuer and receipt handling platform is not necessarily eternal, but the Life DRC itself is eternal [or at least as eternal as life is].

Did the American and French revolutionists create the freedom of humans? No, they merely said that humans have always in their nature been free. Did Newton create the gravity of the Sun? No. He merely pointed towards it, figured out how it worked, and told people of it, and stated that it has always worked that way. The same with Recursive Capitalism, including the Recursive Life Currency. Neither we [nor anyone else] truly created it. We merely point towards it and say: It has always existed. We have just not noticed before, and nobody has in detail measured it via a receipt handling platform. But gravity exists whether you measure it or not. Humans are by their nature free whether you measure it or not. And the Recursive Life Currency exists - whether we measure it or not. Because we all value life - whether we measure it or not.

Why do we do this? What drives us?

Our primary motto is "The Fair World Economy Starts WithInTell". It means that Intel, as in intelligence/knowledge, is vital for fairness. It also means that Tell is the start of a More Fair World Economy. Why is that? For a exhaustive answer, you may once it is released read NC [info], but here follows a short statement.

Everyone who understands what we are doing, or works with us or simply registers for an account early on, benefits from doing so. They all benefit from the shift of our Civilization to the Recursive Era, and as part of that; the shift from debt based currency to a Life DRC as the everyday currency. However, that is not our primary motivator. Our main driver is this:

The world when we launch is full of suffering, injustice and natural destruction. Some areas are subject to small improvements. Some are even subject to great improvements. But way too many things - including above all systemic things - are getting worse day by day. Not all the driving factors are of course economic, but many are, and most are probably at their core economic - to the extent that even our political system is built around the debt based currency model. Much of the pain and poverty globally is caused by a dysfunctional currency system [a destructive reward mechanism, as is explained in NC [info]], that has driven aspects of our civilization into the gutter: [1] The climate of the holocene is faltering under our very eyes. [2] Socio-economic unfairness has been rising and rising.

The primary reason we strive for Tell, is that Tell is going to ease the rising socio-economic inequality. Tell won't end inequality, but it will reduce unfairness. It is going to ease hardship. It is going to start the rolling of a small rock, that will gradually turn into a moving mountain. And maybe even more importantly, Tell is going to reduce the damage currently being done to our climate and nature, which our very existence depends on. That will happen partially via the Protectorate of the Haven, but also due to the fact that people who have more purchasing power start caring more for their environment. All in all, Recursive Capitalism - which Tell is a part of - is a leap forward for our planet, and for us humans.

To sum it up: Tell is going to alleviate pain in regards to economics and climate change. That is our primary and personal motivator. And Recursive Capitalism is the anti fragile and self correcting way of going about it. If you want to join us in this historic journey, you can do so in many ways. You can do it, and benefit at the same time. Building such synergies is crucial. They are the reason why the free market combined with democratic leadership transformed the world over the last centuries. In a similar fashion, we will now together transform it again. Democracy and Capitalism 1.0 are great innovations, but yet they have failed to alone face the epic challenges of our age. The action we need has not been delivered by them. Recursive Capitalism is the much needed extension of the toolbox. It, paired with Capitalism 1.0 gives us Capitalism 2.0. And with it, follows the action we have been waiting for.

Lastly, just to be clear: We are not saying Recursive Captialism will build a perfect world. We are merely saying that Recursive Capitalism, which includes Tell, will result in a world that is better than today.

We are like a company wanting to deliver medicine in order to cure an illness and to reduce pain [with the only difference that we don't have a fixed price for the medicine, but people rather pay what they feel it is worth]: Only to the degree people think the solution valuable - do we benefit. Meaning; just like the company that makes your cardiac medicine is equally motivated by reducing your pain, and by benefiting as a result of your improved health, so are we. The two are one, which is the free world at its best: Humans both internally and externally interested in helping one another. This is also the very essence of Recursive Capitalism: An anti fragile system that rewards people for solving problems, to the degree they solve them and to the degree people think they are worth solving.

How does Tell get real purchasing power?

For a detailed answer, Read NC [info]. There we cover the Recursive Capitalism [ReCap] Equation in more detail, and explain Subconscious Recursive Value Ascription [SRVA], a kind of priming. It sounds complex, but it is in fact simple. In the case of Tell, we can express it like this: Whatever humanity thinks a human should have a right to by mere birth, to receive every day - that - is the very definition of the eventual purchasing power of x Tell [x being the amount each human equally receives each day]. That is where we are heading.

Yet another way to express it is: Democracy won over Autocracy because it was more fair, and fairness is the source of legitimacy. Gradually, day by day, the legitimacy of Democracy grew - because people couldn't shake the growing sensation, that it was more fair. The same is true about anything in the world, including currency. A Life DRC is immeasurably more fair than debt based fiat currency. Debt based currency is created by banks and creditors, behind locked doors. It has impoverished people, and indebted governments and private individuals all over Earth. It is a poison that is undermining both humankind and nature, by providing the human civilization with a destructive reward mechanism, that is cutting the very branch that we - humanity - is sitting on: It rewards us for overconsuming resources, destroying ecosystems and increasing economic unfairness. Debt based currency harms the bottom in both the short and long run, and it benefits the top only in the short run, but in the long run it is disastrous to the top too - in nurturing anger, instability and reduced purchasing power for the masses. It is a reward mechanism that rewards having money/assets, with more money via debt creation. It is a loop that is inherently unstable. As is explained in NC [info], the Life DRC alone will probably not be enough to turn the tide for nature. But for both nature and economic fairness, the Life DRC can do a lot. It is - in stark contrast to fiat currency - created equally for all humans. Therefore, gradually, day by day, people will consider it more and more fair. The rise of the Life DRC will likely coincide with the descent of debt based currency. Just like the rise of Democracy coincided with the descent of Autocracy - due to the simple nature of the inevitable victory of fairness.

The Security of the Transomnic Transaction Method

Transomnic shield

Tell has many layers of security. The most important however, is the very concept of the Transomnic Transaction Method. The Transomnic Transaction Method means a method which is Transparent, Omnipresent and Cryptographic. By being Transparent Tell DRC Co. is accountable to the public, and can't get away with cheating, regarding mintage or currency supply. By being Omnipresent, the transaction mechanism has no central point of failure.

Not even if internet itself fails, would the Transomnic Transaction Method fail. Any platform such as Tell DRC Co.'s handles neither money nor transactions. The actual money - Tell - is stored wherever the users store information on their actual transactions, be that on paper or on some computer, or in some mailbox, whether offline or online, or simply in memory. It can be anywhere, thus Omnipresent. One unit of Tell is not a measure of some physical substance. It is not a number in a database. One unit of Tell is merely an idea of the mind. Tell DRC Co. doesn't store money, and doesn't handle transactions. Last but not least: In being Cryptographic, the only way to hack the Tell currency is by simply stealing the Private Tell Key of a user. What the thief thus does, is basically hacking the minds of all people not aware of the theft of this Private Tell Key. That is why you must keep your Private Tell Key secure and private.

In more detail, Tell is applying Public Key Cryptography [to be exact, the Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm]. Each verified user has a unique Account ID and his/her own Public Key and Private Tell Key. This means that each person can sign any transaction, and each signature is tracable to a real human being. The Transomnic Transaction Method also lets actors, such as Tell DRC Co. build a Trustworthiness Rating for each verified user [0.000 at first, but reaches 100.000 after 15 years if nothing has ever been done to undermine it]. Tell DRC Co. then signs this [along with the given Account ID and date] with a private key of Tell DRC Co. Any given [signed] Trustworthiness Rating [along with the other data points] can then be authenticated [by anyone] offline, using the Public Key of Tell DRC Co. This is what makes it fully possible to make transomnic transactions even when offline. In a world without internet, almost all other digital currencies stop working, but a transomnic currency still works.

Imagine that there is some kind of limited crisis or accident, that causes parts of say London to lose the internet access for half a day. Or imagine that internet works fine, but that banks or payment companies are having troubles. That means major losses of commerce. In that scenario, people would have two options; [1] Cash. [2] Transomnic payments. And since we are heading for an increasingly digital and cashless society, transomnic transactions are the only possible alternative, as they work very well both with or without network access. They work very well with or with or without banks and payment companies up and running. Even if the internet had a blackout for a week, in a society with a infrastructure accustomed to transomnic transactions, no harm would be done - not in the bigger scheme of things. You could still go to your grocery store and buy your food, even if all payment companies in the world are down - even if no single person has internet access.

Or in a more far out scenario: Even in a future where humans live on other planets, transactions will be instantaneous with the Transomnic Transaction Method, because no internet connection is needed. In a world where light distances between different economic actors are hours, days or even more, transomnic transactions are instantaneous. It does demand that seller and buyer [or proxies of them] are physically in the same place, but it doesn't demand any contact whatsoever with internet or a main server. Say your bank account is on Earth, but you buy dinner on a restaurant on Pluto, as long as you have made sure to take care of your Trustworthiness Rating [by only signing transactions you can afford], this transomnic transaction too [using only your cryptographically signed Trustworthiness data] will go through immediately.

If you are a seller of goods and services wanting to allow purchases by use of the Trustworthiness Rating, then we strongly suggest that you only accept the best Trustworthiness Ratings possible, and also that their signature date are very recent, so that they are not months or even years old.

Notice that during Phase One Trustworthiness Ratings are not really practically useful yet. They will serve a valuable purpose in Phase Two however, once verifications have commenced. Now they are useful mainly to demonstrate the concept.

Furthermore, as each Private Tell Key and Public Tell Key pair are connected to a real identity [in Phase Two], it is entirely possible to rebuild any digital receipt database from scratch, as long as users have stored their own transomnic receipts [which we do encourage everyone to do]. The Cryptographic signature proves which real human signed the transaction. In any case, despite the security inherent to the Transomnic Transaction Method, it is our aim to also have an ever improving concrete server security of our receipt handling platform.

A note on integrity: As we strongly believe in the right to be forgotten, anyone who has a verified Tell Account [and thus an authentic Tell eID] is free to delete their personal data [as is defined and explained in the Terms of Service and the Privacy Policy]. However, in doing so, you also lose your Verified Account, your Tell eID, as well as reduce your Trustworthiness Rating to 0.000, and you lose all access to all functionality on the Tell Platform, including your share of the Tell Mintage in your shadow balance.

A note on transparency

Image of note

That the currency is transparent doesn't mean that each transaction is public. Instead weekly incoming sums, and daily outgoing sums to/from each verified account are public - but the specific transactions on the other hand, are private. Thus, nobody will ever know who paid whom, only that a certain total amount left a certain account day X, and that another [different] total amount entered another amount week Y.

It is however impossible to combine them two. This is obviously a huge benefit over a completely transparent approach. But the aim is still achieved: It is impossible that any cheating takes place, because what comes into one account, must also go out from another.

If you yourself want to check that this is true, all the Tell Registers are publicly accessible via the Tell Website. They are updated on a daily/weekly basis, depending on which register we talk of.

This means that the Transomnic Transaction Method is superior in terms of integrity, to that of the blockchain. Other benefits, such as reduced energy waste and faster transactions are explained below.

In short, why the Transomnic Transaction Method is by far best in this case

There are many reasons why the Transomnic Transaction Method are best for most DRCs. Here follows two major factors.

  • Most importantly there is the issue of physical verification of a given human process or action. Most DRCs in the world are going to be based on human actions that demand physical verification of some kind [probably amounting to more than 99% of the total Recursive Capitalism market value]. That can impossibly be done in a decentralized manner. The whole idea of the blockchain is decentralization of trust. In those cases where a DRC is based a physical and concrete phenomena, such as Healthcare, Agriculture, Industry, Commerce etc., and as it is for us, verification can impossibly be done in an anonymous and decentralized manner. This means, if we were to build a Life DRC on the blockchain: [1] All the nodes would eat up much of the value of the DRC, in vain. [2] The idea of the blockchain as a "guarantee of trust" would be a downright lie. Because if a DRC Enabler was corrupt, that corruption could of course just as well take place in the layer before any data is even entered into the blockchain. With other words: The blockchain would just be an illusion of trust. In reality, all humans would still have to trust the enabler of the DRC in question. Things would actually only be worsened by the blockchain, because the blockchain would reduce the scrutiny that people enforce on the enabler of the DRC in question, simply because many would believe the falsehood that "We are safe because this is on the blockchain". The enabling of most major DRCs will demand physical verification of very concrete processes and phenomena, and therefore nobody will stand anything to gain from having them on the blockchain. It would just provide a mirage. This brings us to another reason.

  • Secondly there is the question of energy waste. With a blockchain, the same [or a similar] physical process has to take place a big number of times [thousands, or millions, depending on how large the system is]. This is a waste of energy, particularly since, as we pointed out in the previous point, DRCs that demand physical verification stand nothing to gain from the blockchain. With modern Public Key Cryptography, the verification itself doesn't eat up most of the energy, but rather the mining does [which is even more detrimental, as it consumes great resources without improving the real world]. In any case, even the small energy waste that constant re-verification means, is not necessary. This brings us to a cool thing about the Transomnic Transaction Method: You [or anyone] is free to verify the integrity of the system at any time, via the registers, but you don't have to do it. In a blockchain solution, reverification upon reverification is the default state, even if trust is high. But with the transomnic solution, reverification would only happen if people truly doubt the integrity. We can compare this to your stove at home: It would be illogical if you reverified that you had turned off the stove, every minute of every day. It is wiser to [1] let all data relating to the stove be transparent, and [2] only reverify that it is turned off when you truly doubt that it is turned off. That is the logical option, and that is what the Transomnic Transaction Method offers. It means [A] a drastic increase of efficiency, compared to the blockchain method, and [B] a drastic increase of transparency compared to old school currency systems.

  • Yet another reason why Tell is applying the Transomnic Transaction Method, is that it provides better security. Since Tell DRC Co. doesn't store any money, but all money rather is connected to cryptographic proof in the form of transomnic receipts, this ultimately makes the currency Tell almost unbreakable, as long as users keep their receipts and Private Tell Keys securely stored. Even without Tell DRC Co., as long as all humans have their cryptographic receipts of transomnic Tell transactions, any actor in the world would be able to restart the receipt registration system based on these cryptographic receipts.

  • A transomnic system is also better in terms of personal integrity. On a blockchain a transaction is public in all aspects. Both the IDs [within the system] of the sender and recipient are public. In a transomnic system however, it is enough that some data is public, but not both sender and recipient. The integrity of the whole system, and of the DRC, can still be vetted by anyone, by veiwing the public registers of daily outgoing sums, and weekly incoming sums. You will see that all Tell that comes in, also goes out. But you won't be able to see exactly which account paid which other account.

  • The Transomnic Transaction Method can also handle far more transactions each second, in the end giving you [the user] more of the value of the DRC.

  • On a final note, regarding the blockchain and SRVA. In NC [info], a logical fallacy is explained, called the Gutenberg Fallacy. This fallacy tells us: Thousands of years ago, [1] the phenomenon of written text, and [2] the phenomenon of handwriting, were invented at the very same instant. It then took thousands of years until Gutenberg invented the printing press. The logical misconception is "It took thousands of years to invent the printing press." That is a not true. What actually took thousands of years, was realizing that the two concepts text and handwriting were in fact separate. After this conceptual separation, the very process of building the printing press was by comparison very fast: It was just a questions of years, and not of millennia. Consequently the logical fallacy can be expressed as "If two concepts appear for the first time, at the very same time and place, then most people will think they are the same concept". This is what happened when it came to SRVA and the blockchain. People fell for the Gutenberg Fallacy. Bitcoin was the first time that a blockchain was used. It was also the first time that the connection defined by the ReCap Equation [i.e. SRVA] was used in a digital new currency, that wasn't created by a government or a government connected entity. Therefore many believed, incorrectly so, that the blockchain was what made bitcoin get a value. It wasn't. It was the effect defined by the ReCap Equation. You could make any RC imaginable, with or without a blockchain, and the value of that RC would be exactly defined by the ReCap Equation. Every currency has received its value via the same recursive phenomenon.

Technically, you [and anyone] are free to start a Tell node, of the receipt handling platform. Technically, you [and anyone] are free to send your receipts with their cryptographic signatures to all those other nodes, instead of only to us. However, the users would then - if they send copies of their receipts to your node as well - compromise their personal integrity, by making the details of their transactions public. It would also waste energy. And as we have repeatedly said: It would not serve much purpose, because trust for the actor responsible for identity verification is still needed. But nevertheless, Tell is indeed a currency using cryptography, and it using the Transomnic Transaction Method does not stop you [or anyone] from starting a node.

Tell, Trey and The Currency Supply

Tell DRC is the actual currency [the actual name of the DRC]. One Trey equals one thousandth of one Tell.

The currency supply of Tell [in Phase Two], depends on how many verified accounts there are. Per each verified account, there exists 100 Tell, or 100 000 Trey [but of course this is not to say a given account has 100 Tell. It might have no Tell units, or any amount]. When one user gets his/her account verified, the currency supply is increased via a process called Expansion. If the number of verified accounts one day increases by 5%, then Expansion will increase all balances by 5%. If 5% are un-verified, then Expansion will reduce all balances by 5%. If you want to understand why this is the optimal solution, please read NC [info] for in depth explanations of the economics of Recursive Capitalism.

However, as we said previously: In Phase One of Tell, verifications have not commenced and therefore we can't fix the currency supply based on the number of verifications. Instead we have a fixed preset Expansion [publicly viewable in our Registers], in Phase One. We will rectify the currency supply in Phase Two.

What are Transomnic Transactions and Receipts?

It is important to separate the concepts of a transaction and a receipt. A transaction is a thing changing hands. A receipt is a proof of the transaction. If you give someone a cup of coffee, that is not proof of the coffe changing hands. Without a receipt, as soon as the coffee changes hands, there is no knowing it ever happened.

A transomnic transaction is the currency itself changing owners.

Since the Life DRC is only a mental construct [not a coin, not a bill, not a number in a database], the transaction itself is also of the mind: It is a verbal conceptual agreement.

In a 100% honest and perfect universe, no proof of transactions would be neccessary. This friend could in that world go on to use 5 Tell for a TV, and 5 Tell for 100 pizzas. And the pizzeria owner could use his 5 Tell, so on and so on. But we don't live in a perfectly honest universe. Therefore we need a proof of the transaction. A personal cryptographic signature is a good proof. That is where transomnic receipts come into the picture.

A transomnic Tell receipt is by definition cryptographic proof that a given transaction came from you, as long as you haven't squandered and lost your Private Tell Key. The Private Tell Key is like your personal fingerprint. The point however, is that the receipt and the transaction are very different things.

To sum it up, it is all very simple: A transaction is a transaction. A receipt is proof of that transaction. They are not the same. This fact is true whether we talk about old school analogue transactions and analogue receipts, or digital ones. It is the same with transomnic transactions and transomnic receipts.

With other words this means: Transomnic receipts are cryptographic proof of currency having changed hands, and not a product or service.

Regarding consumption and investment

What you do with your Tell is up to you. The only constraint [which is defined in the Terms of Service Agreement] is that Tell you have received as mintage [as opposed to Tell you have received via payments] may only be exchanged for goods and services and not for other currencies. Aside from that, you are free to spend or invest your Tell as you please.

As for investments into the Tell currency, you don't have to invest at all in the Life DRC. What happens will happen anyway. But if you do invest, as always with investments we urge you to do so with caution.

We do however encourage people not to excessively exchange Tell back and forth to other currencies, and instead - for the sake of stability and the real usefullness of Tell for all humans - engage in consumption using Tell directly. Speculation in currencies is a zero sum game, with a few winners and many more losers.

Regarding profits in Recursive Capitalism

Reward for Healing - Regarding Profits in Recursive Capitalism.

The true word for "Money" is in fact: Merit

Using the word "Money" is smoke and mirrors. It fools the audience. The true word for money is merit. This truth lies at the core of Recursive Capitalism.

We go into more detail in NC [info], but we can express some essence of it very simply: All currencies throughout history are by definition Recursive Currencies [RC] in that they receive their value via SRVA. This includes everything from barter, precious metals, fiat currency and DRC. However, Recursive Capitalism is about stripping away the illusions, and the smoke and mirrors of fiat currency. To put it simply but truthfully; fiat currency is destructive for the simple reason it is merit of debt. Many like to say "Fiat currency is debt", but that's not correct. It is merit of debt. There is an essential difference.

That nature of fiat, is one of the primary factors that opened a pandoras box of instability and resource over consumtion on Earth. DRC means the return to the core of it all: RC [and DRC] is Merit. Period. This actually means we ought all refer to money not as money, for that word keeps the illusion alive. At the end of the day, what we talk of is something very very simple. We should all therefore refer to money simply as merit. On this website however, we still use the word "money" in many places, simply because we all are so used to it. Nevertheless, it would be good for the world if we all gradually moved to calling the thing by its right name; merit. Whenever you partake in the economy by paying or receiving payment, what is actually happening is that merit is changing hands.

How does Tell work from a user perspective?

We are not going to go into details here, on the grander perpsective of how Recursive Capitalism improves civilization. This is but the practical user perspective:

  • Any person can create how many accounts he/she likes. But any person can only have one single verified account.

  • A non verified account does in Phase One receive mintage, but you can't access it until Phase Two [when your account is verified]. If you want to use Tell units before then, you have to get another person to send/pay you some Tell.

  • The essential use of Tell is very simple:
    1. Transaction: The Tell transaction itself is the verbal agreement.
    2. Proof: To record proof of the transaction, Jake signs the agreement with his key, making a cryptographic receipt.
    3. Registration: Jake registers the receipt. Or Anne does it, but one doing it is enough.
    4. On their Accounts, both then see their balances have changed.

  • We, Tell DRC Co., verify that the person is real and unique.

  • In Phase Two, all verified accounts get the same number of Tell every day.

  • There is Apoptosis Inflation of x% every day [a rate that decreases gradually over the first ten years]. Apoptosis Inflation differs from old school inflation in the sense that Apoptosis Inflation kills the exact same amount that it creates. The word Apoptosis comes from biology and means "programmed cell death". In the field of Recursive Capitalism Apoptosis means "programmed currency death". The inflation is still inflation, but the singular purpose of Apoptosis is to keep the currency base fixed. If there are created say 0.1 Tell each, for 100 million people the day of 2022-02-14, then this means 10 Million Tell are minted all in all that day. Then Apoptosis will also kill exactly 10 Million Tell on all existing accounts that very same day, equally distributed.

    This has the exact same effect as old fashioned inflation, only that we now don't have to bother with the arithmetical annoyance of rising prices. I.e. it is only a cosmetic difference from old fashioned inflation.

    Example: If the number of humans would be stable for X years [and each human would have one verified Tell account], then the currency supply would be exactly the same day to day and year to year. All this is thanks to Apoptosis.

    There is also a small yet beneficial side effect of Apoptosis Inflation. People who don't really understand what inflation means, used to be under the illusion that they could keep their money on their bank account [even with 0% interest], and that the money somehow would keep its value. Of course inflation did actually decrease its value, but with Apoptosis [programmed currency death] this becomes a lot more apparent.

    Even a five year old will in our future be able to see that his account balance has decreased over the past year. Whereas that same five year old might not understand how old school inflation worked.

  • Apoptosis Inflation decreases over time. The first month after Tell Launch it is 99% [yearly rate] [which is however paired with an aggressive Expansion Rate, meaning a net increase], and after ten years it is 25%. After that we don't know what will happen. It depends on many factors, and is at its very core a matter of what the collective subconscious considers is right. Basically, we will let the Apoptosis Inflation be whatever it is supposed to be, i.e. whatever the market tells us it should be. [As the ReCap Equation explains, the market gradually drives the value closer and closer to its rightful point.]

  • For every person that gets a verified Tell account, in Phase Two, the Tell supply is increased by 100 Tell via Expansion. This means that Tell has a fixed currency supply only in relation to the number of verified account owners. Expansion means that the account balance of all existing verified accounts is increased by the same percentage as the growth of the verified user count that day. [I.e. Expansion does not mean that a new account gets 100 Tell at once. That is not what happens. All along, Expansion is just a cosmetic thing, to keep the purchasing power of the Tell currency as stable as possible. Expansion does not create value. It expands all shadow balances - both verified and non verified - equally.]

  • During Phase One, Expansion is fixed [publicly viewable in our Registers]. This changes in Phase Two.

The Tell eID - A Universal and Free Electronic ID

Image of an ID

Tell DRC Co. is not only maintaining the Life DRC receipt handling platform, but will also provide an eID [Electronic ID]. It is however not active yet, but will be activated in Phase Two of Tell, once identity verification has commenced. This eID is essential for making the Life DRC Tell possible, and one might even regard it to be embedded in the Life DRC.

Each human being who so wishes is eligible to own a unique Tell Account ID, as well as a unique Public and Private Tell Key. This also enables the cryptographic security of the Tell eID.

Apolitical, non discriminating and neutral

White ribbon

Tell DRC Co. is completely apolitical. We are neither opponents of any national governement, nor are we on their side. We are on the side of humans - because we are going to provide every living human being with the Life DRC, no matter who they are or where they live. We are neither going to undermine, nor promote - any national government or regime.

We do not discriminate anyone - whatever your nationality, origin, political inclination or religion is. We abide by all the laws in the jurisdictions in which we act, but we do not and will not favor any government in any way. Our offer is simple and fair: Every single human will get an equal daily share of the Life DRC - no more, no less.

Primary and secondary effect of the Life DRC

There are two levels of effects of the Life DRC. The first, is the mintage itself. Then, just as important, there is this the secondary effect. On that following level, the impact of the Life DRC is that many small business owners all over the world will get more cash flow, since their customer base will have more purchasing power. The reward so to speak, for operating a small business, will grow considerably. Say 10 000 people live in a given neighborhood. This means - besides each one of them getting one person's worth of mintage - their increased purchasing power will together be 10 000 times the mintage of one human. The effect can be very significant, in increasing the reward for being a small business owner in or connected to that neighbourhood.

This means the Life DRC on two different levels has a great and valuable impact on our world.

Notice: Furthermore, anyone who partakes in any form of climate mitigation or transition to a more sustainable operation, will also be eligible to profit due to the protectorate [climate] fund. To already existing businesses there is suddenly a new revenue stream to be had, and entirely new businesses may be enabled. That is Recursive Capitalism in action.

Aside from those effects, there are many more ways in which Tell contributes positively to the world. One noteworthy example is the following:

In the merit of debt system of the past half century humanity has been under a great and growing debt pressure, which cripples progress and rational decision making, both for individuals and society as a whole. The problem is not credit [or debt] in itself. Credit [and thus debt] has a valuable role to play in a sound economy. The problem is rather the confusion of currency and credit [or debt]. That opens a Pandora's box, causing a wide range of systemic problems for both individuals and the world alike. It corrupts the root of the currency system itself.

The thing is that the fiat money that this debt consists of didn't exist before it was created as part of the credit creation loop, and as more fiat money is created, so does the debt burden for humanity grow. This made up debt grows so fast because fiat money is virtually the same as fiat credit. Thus the fiat complex is a linear and finite system, just like the fossil fuel industry. The more wealth an actor has the more fiat credit they can get, and the more wealth a bank has the more fiat debt they can create - and this drives the loop downwards, in iteration after iteration. With the future-proof currency Tell, debt levels will decrease and ultimately be significantly lower than today because all money a creditor lends must be pre-existing Tell. Neither banks, nor anyone else, can give anyone Tell credit unless it is by definition in the form of pre-existing Tell [money].

The Tell DRC Co. revenue

Tell DRC Co. only gets revenue in Tell. To begin with, Tell DRC Co. gets ten percent of the Tell mintage. Gradually however, as more and more people have signed up, have been verified and receive Tell daily, that share will probably be far smaller - possibly by an order of magnitude. This transition is likely to be gradual. The reason we are vague here is because a true Life DRC has never been created before. Consequently we do not know what rate is neccessary to finance all processes in the long run. It is better to be honest and vague than precise without good reason. Tell DRC Co. is in any case based only on logic and ethics. If people think the revenue is too large, that harms the image of Tell, which that in turn harms the trust and purchasing power of Tell. Therefore we will and must constantly listen to the discussions and opinions in the media and among people.

If a DRC enabler doesn't care about its image, it is doomed. In the Recursive Era, all DRC enablers that are not transparent and accountable will succumb. This is an enormous benefit for humanity, and radically different from the opacity of the past. We are transparent, accountable and listen - because otherwise the free market throws us under the bus. Such transparent and symbiotic relationships are the only stable ones.

Any reduction would either mean that [1] everyone with a verified account instead gets a larger mintage share, or else [2] the share might go to the climate fund of the Protectorate of the Haven.

We have the intention and aim of as rarely as possible having to exchange Tell to other currencies, but rather use Tell directly. Depending on how the first years of our existence plays out, we might however be forced to exchange Tell units for fiat to some degree and for a while.

This percentage of the daily Tell Mintage that goes to the Tell DRC Co. - is not to be mistaken for profit. It will have to cover all expenses of Tell DRC Co., such as salary for the personnel, cost of facilities, server bills and electricity bills, maintainence and purchase of equipment, development of new and/or better service[s], and much more [including of course the most central cost of identity resolution, after Phase One of Tell], plus the nation state taxes on all these things. But still: The percentage is almost certainly going to be reduced [and probably greatly so], in tandem with a larger verified userbase and increased Tell purchasing power [meaning less is enough to pay for the expenses]. Such a decrease is necessary to keep the purchasing power of Tell as close to its maximum as possible, due to the wishes of the free market. This works exactly the same in Capitalism 1.0 and in Recursive Capitalism: Companies who don't reduce their margins get to provide their product to less people.

The Secular Calendar

The Recursive Revolution is such a valuable series of events for humanity and civilization, that it is justified to mark the occasion by starting a new calendar, from a secular point in time, for one of the most defining moments in the life of any organism [for instance humanity], is when it gets a self sustainable, anti fragile, benevolent and rational reward mechanism [in this case Recursive Capitalism as a whole].

In the Recursive Calendar, Year Zero [0 AR] is the first year that outspoken and deliberate Recursive Capitalism exists, i.e. the first year that the Life DRC Tell is live [meaning 2020 AD]. That is the beginning of the Recursive Era. AR means 'Anno Recursis', thus giving us the Secular Calendar, while AD or CE are the suffixes of the most common old religious Calendar [at least of the west].

The Recursive Calendar means nothing in the concrete sense, but even though we are still the same people living on the same planet, a leveraged 'new year' could be good for us. After new year, many of us look at our lives differently, and make fresh attempts at facing our challenges. Even though the problems we face are still here no matter what calendar we use, the way we look at those challenges and how we meet them, that can certainly change by us saying: Okay. Let us set the clock to zero and try again. Even though this new calendar does not renew our world, it does give us a chance to renew who we choose to be in that world - beyond old labels and doctrines. This calendar is born in the name of freedom and pluralism, and wishes to symbolize faith in that reason and decency can still win.

Current Tell DRC Software Version

Image of a B

The Tell DRC Software is currently in the Beta stage. This means that we are still polishing the Software, and do not guarantee complete stability. If no issues emerge, we will gradually move over to Alpha, but if issues do emerge, we will fix them as unobtrusively as possible [but also as ubtrusively as necessary] before the Alpha version.

White Hat Hacker Bounty Program

Even though Tell applies a Transomnic Transaction Method, and even though Tell DRC Co. therefore neither handles transactions nor stores any money, we still do everything we can for our receipt handling platform not to get compromised. As one extra level of security, we have a social engineering project, a White Hat Hacker Bounty Program. If you manage to find a weakness in our system, and don't do any harm at all, nor steal any information - but rather contact us in a civil manner and inform us of the weakness, we are going to reward you in Tell, out of our own pocket. We might also offer you employment. Therefore, you - if you are a skilled hacker - stand much more to gain from helping us and humanity, than from harming us. The sooner the Life DRC spreads around the world - also to the most remote and least well off places - the better for the future of us all.

Reporting of fraud

If you have encountered a fradulent user, that possibly has gotten hold of a verified account not belonging to him or her [by theft or illicit inheritance, or any other method] you will be rewarded if you inform us, along with valid proof. Without proof, the statement is void.

Also beware those who cry wolf. If someone [either on the internet, or someone you know in person] claims to have several verified Tell Accounts - remember that without proof this is not a reliable statement.


First of all, the name 'Tell' is only that; a name. Even though we can play on the word, as we did in the previous page, playing on 'Tell' and 'Intelligence'/'Intel[l]', that is not where the name comes from. It is just the name of the worlds foremost Life DRC. That's all. Why did we choose that name? Because Tell is easily pronounced in most languages. It is short and easy to remember. It is soft, but not immature. It is timeless, neither old and boring, nor too young and sleek. Tell is a name for everyone to use, just like it is a currency that will be used by everyone; a Life DRC.

Tell [or Tell DRC] is the name of the DRC. Tell DRC Co. is the name of the Company [though for the time being an organization, of the people you see on the Contact page], that is found on the domain by the same name:

In singular we say: 1 Tell and 1 Trey. In plural we say: 5 Tell and 5 Trey. We may write amounts in text using the Tell and Trey symbols. For the sake of an example: ᛅ2.99 is a Tell amount, which is equal to the Trey amount ᚯ299.

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