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Outside of the info pages, our primary source of communication with you, and regarding news of Tell DRC is our Twitter account @telldrc.

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Oscar HerrgÄrd
Stockholm, Sweden

Founder of Tell DRC. I've studied history, language and computer science. I think the world needs more courage and bold action. Aside from coding I am an avid writer and philosopher under the alias Fomtriok. If I had two lives I'd be a music producer or conductor in the second one.

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Caroline Frisendahl
Stockholm, Sweden

I am a Medical Doctor and a Researcher in Reproductive Medicine at Karolinska Institute with previous research done at Harvard University. I am passionate about art and love hiking, especially in New Zealand, but sadly commuting from Sweden is quite unfeasible.

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Business Manager

Elin Grönvalls
Stockholm, Sweden

I have a Masters in Business and Management from Uppsala University. I am passionate about travel and graphical design. I also care deeply about nature, and want to help protect it.