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For developers
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First of all it must be stated that: If you are a developer seeking to understand Tell, and how you can use and benefit from Tell, then you of course also have to understand what is explained on the other pages of this website. Rather than "the only information developers need", this page is to be regarded as "the information only developers need".

The public ECDSA key of Tell DRC Co.

This is the public ECDSA key of Tell DRC Co. - which you may use to authenticate any Trustworthiness Signature. It is DER encoded, and then formatted as a SweetNumeric A number, just like all other public keys on the Tell Platform.


Use of the RRP [Receipt Registration Ping] API

For information on how to use the RRP API, please log into your account and go to the bottom of your Account page.

Formatting of Private and Public Keys

The ECDSA keys and signatures are made using the Elliptic Curve secp384r1 and for the transactions we use a hash signed with the algorithm sha384.

The public key is DER encoded, and then written as a SweetNumeric A number [which is explained further down on this page]. The private key is an integer written as a SweetNumeric A number, in order to keep it shorter.

The numeric base of the keys, and of the receipt signatures, are not alphanumeric as it first might appear. Our base is rather something we call "SweetNumeric A". It is according to us the perfect sweet spot. It has these 34 numerals: 023456789abcdefghijkmnopqrstuvwxyz. Let us elaborate: