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Tell Registers

These are all the public Tell registers.

These registers are updated dynamically:

Register of [daily] outgoing sums

Register of [weekly] incoming sums

This register is first static for 10 years, and will thereafter be updated dynamically:

Apoptosis Inflation Rate register

This is a static register during Tell Phase One [until Phase Two, when replaced by de facto known Expansion Rate]:

Phase One Expansion Rate register

These registers are inactive now during Phase One of Tell:

Expansion Rate register [inactive during Tell Phase One]

Verification/Unverification register [inactive during Tell Phase One]

Publicly known Account IDs:

00000000001. The Account ID of The Protectorate of the Haven, which get's 5% daily share of mintage. Only to be used for the purpose of climate and nature protection. No human owns this. All humans benefit from it.

00000000000. The Account ID of Tell DRC Co.

Normal Account IDs are randomly generated, e.g. '73144301623'. Only the two accounts listed here have non randomized numbers.