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All this data is updated daily.

Todays date: Saturday the 27th of November 1 AR Note 1

Number of Tell existing: ᛅ99.999999 Note 2

Today's Apoptosis Factor: 0.98746235483544

Average Apoptosis Factor last 30 days: Not calculated yet

Aggregate Apoptosis Factor last 30 days: Not calculated yet

Today's fixed [Phase One] Expansion Rate: 0.4312509354102

Average Expansion Rate last 30 days: Not calculated yet

Aggregate Expansion Rate last 30 days: Not calculated yet

Current Protectorate of the Haven balance: ᛅ4.999978

1. [1A] The time zone we use is that of Stockholm, Sweden. [1B] The Recursive Revolution is such a valuable series of events for humanity and civilization, that it is justified to start a new calendar from a secular point in time, for one of the most defining moments in the life of any organism [for instance humanity] is when it gets a self sustainable, anti fragile, benevolent and rational reward mechanism [in this case Recursive Capitalism as a whole]. In the Recursive Calendar, Year Zero [0 AR] is the first year that outspoken and deliberate Recursive Capitalism exists, i.e. the first year that the Life DRC Tell is live [meaning 2020 AD]. That is the beginning of the Recursive Era. AR means 'Anno Recursis', thus giving us the Secular Calendar, while AD or CE are the suffixes of the most common old religious Calendar.

2. [2A] In Phase One - before identity verifications are activated - most of the currency supply is locked up as mintage, which will be given to users retroactively upon indentity verification. [2B] To be precise, this is the 'shadow currency supply'. The real currency supply is about 780 billion Tell at the moment, i.e. 100 Tell worth of currency multiplied by the number of humans. The thing however, is that most of these 7.8 billion people are yet to get a calculation of their shadow balances.