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Terms of Service Agreement
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Privacy Policy of Tell DRC.

Svenska - Användaravtal

§1 Definition of parties

This agreement is between us - the organization providing the service on the domain - Tell DRC Co. [both the name of our organization and internet domain] - and you - the person creating an account on said service. When we refer to “us”/”we” or “you” in this agreement, those parties are whom we refer to. When we refer to “the service” or ”the Tell DRC Platform” or just “the Platform” that means the service by the name Tell DRC, provided on the domain Tell DRC Co:

Tell DRC Co. is not incorporated as of yet, but we are going to form a de jure company as soon as possible. Currently we - Tell DRC Co. - are an organization consisting of the people you see on the Contact page.

§2 Changes to the Agreements

Changes to this agreement may occur. All users will be notified upon login after such a potential change, and must agree to the new terms before continuing to use the service. If you wish to discontinue your use of the service, please see “Deletion of account” for more information, and our Privacy Policy.

§3 Provided services

§3.1 Definition of service

Currently the service is in Beta version, and thus complete stability in all functions is not guaranteed, nor that the software works exactly as intended. We provide the service ‘as is’. You hereby admit to understanding and accepting this. When we leave the Beta version for the Alpha, users will be informed.

The Tell DRC is mainly a Life DRC, and partially a Climate DRC. In short this means a DRC [Digital Recursive Currency] whose value is defined mainly by the value of human life and partially by the value of mitigating damage done to nature and to the climate on Earth [according to everyone interacting with the DRC].

The service provided on the Tell DRC Co. platform consists of mainly three parts - which together constitute the backbone of the Tell DRC Account. None of these parts is offering anyone, or giving anyone, or even creating or handling money/currency. We do not create money. We do not handle money or transactions. We offer [1] A the Tell eID; cryptographic and electronic ID [activated in Phase Two of Tell], [2] A Transomnic Receipt Handling Platform [for receipts of transactions with the Tell DRC], [3] Trustworthiness Ratings [and related Trustworthiness Data].

In short: Above all else, Tell DRC is an internet platform where you can register, document and share receipts, of the Life DRC Tell. We are thus technically neither a payment nor a financial company, but rather deal in communications that allow for the registration and measuring of receipts.

However, at the moment the service is currently in Phase One, meaning that the Tell eID has not yet been activated and that transactions can not very effectively be made by the use of Trustworthiness Ratings [i.e. the purpose of a Trustworthiness Rating is not entirely served until a given account is verified]. In Phase Two, identity resolution is implemented and the Tell eID is consequently active. Users will be informed when Phase Two is entered. You agree to and understand that you will only be able to use those certain services provided in Phase Two when that phase has been entered.

§3.1.1 Cryptographic and electronic ID

The first part of the service provided is the Universal, Free [for you to possess, but not free for us to maintain] and Cryptographic eID; The Tell eID. In order to be able to offer that, Tell DRC Co. also has to verify - to the best intelligence available to us - that each verified account holder [connected to each Public Tell Key and Account ID], is indeed a real person, that has been linked to a real physical identity, and also that this person has only one verified account.

As stated, the identity verification is activated only in Phase Two, and until then any Tell eID is not connected to a verified unique human.

§3.1.2 Transomnic Receipt Handling Platform

The second part of the service provided is the Transomnic Receipt Handling Platform. In that we weigh together all transomnic receipts registered on our platform, to provide as accurate shadow balances as possible based on the registered receipts. We do not claim with certainty that these shadow balances reflect the de facto balances. We only claim that they report the shadow balances according to all the transomnic receipts reported to us. “Balance” is not the same thing as “shadow balance”, even though they might at a given time have the same value: Their types are different, irrelevant as to whether their values are the same. The “balance” is your true balance.

§3.1.3 Trustworthiness Ratings

The third part of the service provided is Trustworthiness Ratings of the account holders using the Tell currency. This means we provide ratings and data on the Trustworthiness of each verified account holder [where Trustworthiness is defined as 'how well their shadow balances have reflected backing for the outgoing transactions whose receipts are reported to us'], meaning in simpler terms 'How trustworthy is a transaction from this given account holder? How likely is it that he/she has backing in his/her balance, if he/she makes a transaction to me?'. This Trustworthiness Rating is solely based on reported transomnic receipts of transactions from a given Account X, in relation to all registered receipts of incoming transactions to that account. That a given Trustworthiness Rating is indeed pertaining to a given Account X, is concluded based on the cryptographic signature of that rating [and the related trustworthiness data], by a private key belonging to Tell DRC Co. - which is verifiable with Tell DRC Co.'s public key.

The rating is 0.000 when an account is just created, and after 15 years it reaches 100.000 if nothing to harm [reduce] the Trustworthiness has occurred. [If you are a seller of goods and services wanting to allow purchases by the use of Trustworthiness Ratings, then we strongly suggest that you only accept the best Trustworthiness Ratings possible, and also that their last signature date is very recent, so that they are not months or even years old. Whatever you choose, is however your responsibility. The Trustworthiness Rating is just that; A rating. It is not an eternal guarantee of honesty on behalf of the user. If the user lies, and lowers his/her Trustworthiness Rating [including if it would be done all the way from a perfect rating of 100.000, to 0.000], that is not the liability of Tell DRC Co. We merely provide the calculation of the rating itself, based on all transomnic receipts registered on the Tell DRC Platform.]

You hereby agree that any payment is a binding promise to the other party, that you are transferring Tell units amounting to the given value. Agreeing on that sentence is a binding term of this agreement, but the promise itself, not to overpay is however not a binding promise to us. You don't break our terms by overpaying, but since each payment is a binding promise to the other party, you break that promise to that party, and your trustworthiness rating is reduced if the receipt is registered [without enough other receipts concerning you having been registered before then, to reflect reflect sufficient balance] - and you may face consequences by that other party.

You also declare to understand that the only thing that can bring the Trustworthiness Rating down is if you generate receipts of Tell transactions of an amount that exceeds what you have from new Tell mintage and/or is evident based on registered receipts.

§3.2 Age limit

You guarantee that you are at least 18 years old when signing up for the service.

§3.3 Account

You may create any number of accounts you like, but you may only ever have and/or apply for one single verified account, and you may only make that application with your authentic personal information. The same person has to create the account, verify the account and lastly operate it and manage the mintage of the account. If these things are done by different people [and the account in-between thus changes hands, without charge or as part of a transaction] this is considered a violation of this agreement, and will result in the consequences declared below. I.e. such an account will be considered fraudulent and non authentic.

§3.4 Demands for being able to register receipts

Receipts can only be registered of transactions to and from accounts that are not frozen. Furthermore, until further notice, only ten receipt registrations per transaction sender and day are allowed, though there is no limit on registrations regarding transaction recipients. This is in order to reduce server load, and we hope we can remove this limit soon.

§3.5 Causes for the freezing of an account

An account may get frozen [meaning receipts can not be registered] due to fraudulent or criminal activities, or due to the owner of the account having lost his/her key. The right to freeze an account is retained by Tell DRC Co., although what happens thereafter is determined by authorities of the given jurisdiction, along with Tell DRC Co. and the user - depending ont the specifics of the situation.

§3.6 Deletion of account

You may delete your account at any time, verified or not [by - which is mandatory - using your Private Tell Key, in order to prove that it is in fact you - the actual account owner - who is requesting the account deletion]. If you delete your account [while the account is verified], it is automatically unverified as well. You are not allowed to apply for a new verification [for any account] within 100 days [after the deletion day]. The “deletion day” is the day you commence account deletion. To see how data is managed, see our Privacy Policy.

§3.7 Platform updates

In the case of updates, we will try to let the update process interfere as little as possible with the user experience, but if an update requires it, we reserve the right to disable functionality for the duration of time needed.

§3.8 Copyright

All content provided by Tell DRC Co. [except for what is defined in the following paragraph], including but not limited to text, code, images, design, and software, is the copyright of Tell DRC Co. The content may not be used without our written permission.

The exclusion to this, is of course any content that has been provided to Tell DRC Co. as open source or non-copyrighted material in the first place.

§3.9 Privacy Policy

You agree to our Privacy Policy.

§4 The Life DRC Tell

§4.1 Apoptosis inflation and Expansion rates

You understand and consent to the gradually changing Apoptosis inflation rates, and Expansion rates, as well as to the small linear Apoptosis - as defined on the public info pages of These rates may be updated by us, but only ever with the aim to maximize the drive value of the DRC Tell, i.e. the aggregate value of all mintage. [We hope we don’t have to update the rates, but if we do, we will try to do so as little and as rarely as possible - with the exception that is explained on the info pages regarding apoptosis inflation: After the ten years of fixed apoptosis inflation rates, they will most likely be updated minimally on a daily basis, in search for the optimal value.]

You hereby attest that you understand and agree to the mechanisms and benefits of Apoptosis, Expansion, and inflation via mintage of new Tell units. You also attest that you expect Apoptosis to happen to all Tell units, including Tell units that you own, or may come to own.

You for instance understand and consent to that over a long enough timeframe, any Tell amount that exists on a verified account, will [if not touched/used] go to 100 [gradually].

However, you furthermore understand that the path to a balance of 0 Tell units [for unverified accounts] or to a balance of 100 Tell units [for verified accounts], is not linear. It depends on the changing Apoptosis rate and the changing Expansion rate, plus the very small linear Apoptosis that only exists in order to prevent rounding errors stopping the Apoptosis and Expansion on very small amounts.]

You also understand what the Expansion Correction Event is [which is explained on the info pages of] and that it is going to happen at some point - and that after it [i.e. in Phase Two of Tell], the Expansion rate will be defined by the verified user growth [rather than being estimated and preset, as it is in Phase One of Tell].

Lastly, you understand and accept the information on other info pages regarding how recorded transaction amount might change [only] upon receipt registration, due to Apoptosis and Expansion as well as the linear change [currently of -0.00001 Tell] if the given receipt is registered on a later date than it was generated [i.e. that the signature was made].

§4.2 Pseudo Expansion rates

You accept and consent to the Pseudo Expansion rates [which are publicly viewable on our domain], and their implication, and that they are not a perfect representation of reality [meaning the real increase of the of number of users]. However, they are a perfect representation of reality in the regard, that they are entirely correctly reflected in all shadow balances on the Tell DRC Platform.

We don’t stop anyone from sending their receipts to others as well. This means we don’t put limits on any potential decentralization of the receipt handling system too [while the transaction method already is transomnic], that for instance blockchain currencies don’t have already. If it is in accordance with any rule X to maintain a blockchain node, then it is also at the very least in accordance with the same rule to maintain the receipt handling system of any transomnic DRC.

§4.3 Rules of DRC mintage allocation

The rules of DRC mintage allocation are explained on the info pages of the Platform. You hereby affirm that you understand what mintage means in the context of Tell DRC [the neogenesis of Tell units], and also consent to the mintage allocation rules - as we consider their optimal state being - when using the service, and furthermore consent to the revenue that befalls Tell DRC Co. You hereby consent to and admit to understanding that Tell DRC Co. has the right to adjust our consideration of the allocation of Tell DRC mintage [which would then affect the shadow balances on the Platform], and determine what processes it rewards.

§5 Limits to Liability

§5.1 Platform functionality

Though we do our best to provide a fully functional and operational platform, disruptions may occur. Tell DRC Co. is not liable for any [whether caused by natural events or by people] disruptions on the Tell platform [nor for any consequences of them], which may interfere with the user experience. This includes but is not limited to technical problems. With other words, the service is provided ‘as is’.

§5.2 Our services

We only provide the services defined on this page. In regards to the DRC Tell itself, however, we cannot, and do not, guarantee that its purchasing power will be at a certain level. That level is defined by all humans together, and it is redefined every moment of every day.

Social things and natural events may affect that level. We do all in our power to support a stable and beneficial Life DRC for all, but most factors in this world are beyond our control. Consequently, whatever purchasing power the DRC Tell has, and changes to this purchasing power [or any loss thereof, for a given party], is not our liability.

As Tell is a transomnic DRC, and as Tell DRC Co. provides a transomnic service, we neither store any money [i.e. no Tell units] on our servers, nor handle transactions. What exists on your Tell DRC Account are but shadows, and not actual money. The DRC Tell itself is a mental construct. In more detail, Tell DRC Co. merely stores and handles the data defined in the privacy policy. By agreeing to this Terms of Service Agreement, you declare that you understand this, as well as what a transomnic DRC is. You understand and agree to, that the moment you press the button 'register receipt', a receipt and not a transaction is registered on the Tell DRC Co. servers. Only you yourself - by being the sole owner and party responsible for the storage and handling of your Private Tell Key - are the one responsible for what happens by the use of it.

People [willingly or unwillingly] or natural events - causing disruption or loss of information on the Tell DRC Co. servers [or to physical documents owned by Tell DRC Co.], only affects the receipt handling and does not affect money or transactions. Still, we do all in our power to prevent that.

§5.3 Storage of your Private Tell Key

You agree to and understand, that you yourself have the full responsibility for both the storage of your Private Tell Key and whom you entrust with the handling of it [preferably no one but yourself]. Whatever happens to it, it is your responsibility, and Tell DRC Co. is in no way liable for its usage, or the consequences thereof. You understand and agree to that if you or someone else uses your Private Tell Key to sign transactions, they - and the resulting receipts - are considered to be yours. If you appear not to be able to afford them [based on your shadow balance], this reduces your Trustworthiness Rating. Any harm done to your Trustworthiness Rating or related Trustworthiness Data is the responsibility of you alone - not of Tell DRC Co. or any of its employees. You fully understand that Tell DRC Co. has no obligation to reimburse you if your shadow balance is altered by you or anyone else using your Private Tell Key. Reversal of receipt registrations can not happen. All parties of this agreement agree on this.

We therefore implore you to do your very best not to sign transactions [thus generating receipts of transactions] that you cannot afford, and to keep your Private Tell Key safe.

§5.4 Storage and handling of other account credentials

You are responsible for the storage and handling of the credentials that enable access to any parts of your account, not only when it comes to your Private Tell Key, but also information such as your username and password. You are responsible for picking a sufficiently long and complex password, and for keeping it safe. If the password to your account is stolen or brute force ‘guessed’, the liability for any consequences thereof is yours alone. [We do however allow very few attempts at entering a password paired with a given username each hour, which gives you good protection if you only choose a sufficiently long and complex password.]

You are responsible for any secret keys you generate for the RRP [Receipt Registration Ping] API [and you understand that they ought to be random strings generated in a cryptographically secure way, be up to 128 characters long, and be unique for each API call], and for the consequences of them being too short or insecure, or falling in the wrong hands [meaning you alone are responsible for the handling and storage of them]. For this reason we urge you to only use SSL/TLS on the domain where you connect to the RRP API.

You are responsible for making sure - mainly by having a valid SSL/TLS certificate correctly installed, on your domain that communicates with the RRP API - that there are no man-in-the-middle attacks on the data fetched by the API call. Whether you are the sender or recipient of a given transaction, if the receipt of that transaction has been registered on the Platform and the recipient of the transaction has made an API request for the receipt data, that party who made the request is consequently responsible for that no man-in-the-middle attack occurs.

§5.5 Information provided by us

Anything said or written on this website is up for you to determine the validity and truthfulness of. Anything we - Tell DRC Co. - say is not to be regarded as advice, but rather as information. We provide you with logic and information. Whether that logic and information is true and correct, can only be determined by you. What decisions you make, is up to you. Don’t consider anything on this website to be objective facts, unless you verify it yourself.

§5.6 Trustworthiness Rating and Data

You understand and consent to that - even if it were to happen only one single time - if receipts were to be registered that would bring your Shadow Balance to under zero, this would then forever be publicly visible connected to that Account ID. Even if your Trustworthiness Rating [on the Tell Service, regarding the Tell DRC] goes up, and even if decades pass, it will always be visible that "The owner of this Account has at least once - according to all receipts users have reported to us - used Tell units he/she did not own”, not necessarily with those exact words - but that fact will be public forever. [Notice, as is explained in the Privacy Policy, the Account ID is not personal data, because you can sever the ties between your person and it by deleting your account.]

§5.7 Mintage

You are aware of that our estimate of the mintage that you will receive if your account gets verified in Phase Two of Tell [which you see on top of your Balance page during Phase One] is based on the pseudo expansion rates, which in turn are based on an estimate of the growth of the user base, and that this means that the actual mintage that you will receive in Phase Two might be either smaller or greater - depending on whether many accounts created in Phase One don’t get verified later on, and on whether the estimate of the growth of the user base is correct or not. Tell DRC Co. is not liable if you get either a bigger or smaller mintage in Phase Two than the Phase One estimate says. The ”future mintage” you see in Phase One is just that; an estimate, and not a guarantee.

§6 Breach of agreement, fraud, illegal actions and legal response

§6.1 Consequences to breaking the Agreement

Breaches of this agreement may result in your account being frozen for a time, or completely unverified. If breaking this agreement is a matter of conscious and intentional fraud, the party breaking the agreement will be reported to authorities and might be subjected to legal action. Details pertaining to specific scenarios can be found in other sections of this agreement.

§6.2 Acceptable use of the Tell eID for signing Transomnic Transactions

If you sign a transaction it is considered a promise to the recipient that you will pay - or have paid - them fully [with Tell units] and it is a promise only between you and the other party. You agree on the statement: "I, when participating in a transomnic transaction in the capacity of sender/payer, will only pay people and actors money that I actually own". Therefore, signing transactions that you cannot afford might or might not, by the hand of the recipient result in legal action, as your jurisdiction may consider your false statement illicit, though it does not break terms in your agreement with us [but rather, only not consenting to the phrase above, which is in quotation marks, would be a breech of terms with us]. In any case it would however reduce the Trustworthiness Rating of your account, if a receipt of such a transaction were to be registered on the Platform.

Abusing the signed Trustworthiness Rating to make offline-payments in a systematic and fraudulent way, might result in an investigation by authorities. In that case, Tell DRC Co. will fully cooperate with authorities and the police of the jurisdiction in question. [An example would be a scenario in which a user, for instance, spends years getting a good Trustworthiness Rating, and then makes several isolated purchases with offline-payments, that he/she actually can't afford, before his/her Trustworthiness Rating goes down.] This [along with other cases of illicit activities] is why we - as is defined in our Privacy Policy - [when an account is verified] story personal data for a predetermined [defined in the Privacy Policy] duration of time, in order for any fraudulent user not being able to erase their tracks at once. That rule is here for everyones' safety, and it is an important point, and in accordance with GDPR, since the aim of this service [which includes everyones’ safety] would not have been able to be achieved if the rule was that User Data would be immediately deleted upon account deletion.

§6.3 Terms regarding Tell units received as mintage

In agreeing to these Terms, you consent to never exchanging Tell that you have received as Mintage [including Expansion on these amounts] [so called Mintage- Tell] to fiat currency or other digital currencies than Tell - neither on the market [via a company or on a currency exchange platform], nor privately [via friends or family]. You may only use such Mintage-Tell for the purchase of products or services. You may only exchange [to fiat currency or other digital currencies] Non-Mintage-Tell, i.e. those sums of Tell that are the result of previous exchanges [on your part] from fiat currency, or from another currency, or of the sale of services or products/assets, or of returns on assets.

Unofficial sales [of products or services] by the use of Tell, [commerce that is not compulsory to report to authorities] [when between friends and family members] are not included and do not count, meaning: If you sell something unofficially to a friend or a family member, which he/she pays for with Mintage-Tell, those units still count as Mintage-Tell when they are in your possession, and you are not allowed to exchange them to fiat currency or other digital currencies. In order to have Mintage-Tell transformed into Non-Mintage-Tell, the purchase in question has to be an official purchase [commerce that is compulsory to report to authorities] from [or sale to] any economic actor [including friends and family members], or an unofficial purchase from [or sale to] an economic actor you do not personally have a relationship with [i.e. an actor who is not among your friends and family]. This, for instance, means: If you legally sell something second hand to an actor you don’t personally know, the Tell units he/she gives you are of course Non-Mintage-Tell.

If you break the Agreement in regards to this section, you hereby consent to paying back [to all verified accounts, but by passing through and getting distributed via our organization] the whole Tell sum you have received as Mintage throughout the duration of your Tell Account having been verified.

§6.4 Attempted fraud

Certain illicit actions we cover here are particularly serious. You hereby agree to [for the sake of a summary]:

* Not selling/transferring your account to anyone else, whether it is verified or unverified.

* Not buying or taking over anyone else’s account.

* Not illicitly using an account belonging to someone else.

* Only ever using your own authentic personal information when creating and verifying your account

* Not trying to have more than one account verified, whether with real, made-up or stolen personal information [and any personal information belonging to another person than you is in this case considered stolen].

It is for instance strictly prohibited to buy, sell, or in any way transfer an unverified account to another individual, that may or may not have higher mintage. Doing that is considered a fraudulent act and will by met by the consequences stated in this agreement. [Also; potential buyers will be vulnerable - because the seller will most likely have possession of the Private Tell Key, even though he/she claims not to, thus having full access to the account.]

If any of these particularly serious terms are breached it will be considered a fraudulent act and may as such be reported to authorities. If you breach these terms, you also hereby agree to pay back ten times the number of Tell units you have received [including Expansion on that amount] [not to Tell DRC Co. however, but rather in its entirety equally divided to all verified accounts, i.e. to humanity, to the best of our ability.]. You would also be banned from using the service that Tell DRC Co. provides, for a duration of five years.

§6.4.1 [In further detail] Illicit sale, purchase, or transfer of account

A Tell DRC Account, whether verified or unverified, is not a possession that can be sold, bought, or transferred in any way. It only ever belongs to, and may only be benefitted from, and used by the individual that created it [if it is unverified] and [if it is verified] also truthfully verified it with his/her authentic and unique personal information.

If a verification happens to your account, you guarantee that all information provided for that verification is authentic and belongs to you.

You furthermore guarantee that you will never partially or fully transfer ownership or control of the account to any other person or entity, nor make such a promise for the future. Nor have you taken over this account from anyone else by purchase or transfer, no matter whether they are unknown to you personally, or if you have some kind of relationship with them [including but not limited to friends, partner, and family].

Any liabilities of how the account is used are yours, and all the benefits are yours [primarily the daily mintage of Tell].

§6.4.2 [In further detail] Providing false or stolen information to verify an account

If you do apply for verification you guarantee that all personal information is true, unaltered and yours alone. Furthermore, if different people have [1] created the account, and [2] verify the account, this is considered as a severe violation of this Terms of Service Agreement, and the account in question is considered fraudulent.

§6.4.3 [In further detail] Attempt to have more than one account verified

You guarantee that you have not [nor ever will] try to apply for a second verified account. If you provide incorrect or untruthful personal information, or provide information belonging to another individual, or if you try to get several accounts verified [by the same, similar or completely different personal information - even if you have legally changed your name, and try to use that fact as a loophole to get another Tell DRC Account], this will be considered fraudulent and may be reported the authorities, depending on the details and circumstances.

§7 Further terms of use of Tell Units

Tell Units are defined as any amount of the Life DRC Tell.

Even though Tell transactions themselves happen outside of the Tell DRC platform [and only receipts are handled on the Tell DRC platform], you agree not to use any Tell units you own or control for any activity or purchase that is either illegal in any of the countries which you or the other party are currently in, or according to the legislation of Sweden. This includes but is not limited to; purchases involving illegal drugs, illegal weapons, and funding of illegal or violent organizations. This place is not safe for criminals - whereas certain other older DRCs offer havens apparent for criminals.

When necessary in order to fight illegal activities, Tell DRC Co. will fully cooperate with authorities [including the police] of the jurisdiction in question - granted of course that the law in question does not contradict the United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human Rights [UDHR], which can be read at

§8 The Protectorate of the Haven

The decisions in regards to what is funded for the purpose of mitigation of climate change and protection of nature by the means of the funds of the Protectorate of The Haven are made by administrators of the Protectorate of the Haven.

§9 Contact

If you have any questions regarding the Terms of Service, please contact us at the email address we provide on the Contact page.