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Phase One Expansion Rate register
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This is the static list of the Phase One Expansion Rates, for each of 3650 days, after the Tell launch. The first rate is of the Expansion Rate that occurs at midnight at the end of the first day that real Tell was live, after the initial testing period.

Remember, this is not neccessarily the true Expansion Rate [i.e. true pace of user growth]. This is just a pseudo Expansion Rate, for Phase One of Tell. If the Expansion Rate of users is faster, then the de facto increase in purchasing power of Tell will be faster. In any case, we will move to Phase Two as soon as possible. And then, we will have the Expansion correction. Read more on the About page.

When Tell was almost finished being built, a lot of the focus was on testing and evaluation. This is why you might see an Expansion Rate of less than 1 one or a couple of times during that initial Development & Testing period, The same is true regarding the Apin Rates, that they have different values during the testing period. To put it simply, the rates during the initial Development & Testing period are not included in the ten years [3650 days] of fixed Apin Rates and Phase One Expansion Rates.