This page is not meant to be used by normal users, but will in the future be used for automated gathering of offline accessible data for offline Trustworthiness Checks.

The Public Key is formatted in SweetNumeric A format [See our page For developers]. The Public Key that is part of the signed trustworthiness data of this account, is shortened. The first 37 characters only contain meta data: 38rkuvyzsjhgsvevn52pzjvv5bedowc7mqzys.

Public Key:

Account ID: 00000000000
Trustworthiness Rating: 26.918
Verified: No
Unverified since: 2001-01-01 00:00:00

Signed trustworthiness data:
Date of last signature # Account ID # Trustworthiness Rating # Ever exceeded shadow balance [before most recent trustworthiness signing] [0 means no [desirable]. 1 means yes [undesirable].] # Last exceed date [If "Exceeded" is 0, then this date is irrelevant and the same as "Verified since".] # Public key [shortened version].


Authenticate the signature of this trustworthiness data with the Public Key of Tell DRC Co. found on developers page - via link above.

Signature of trustworthiness data:

[It takes 15 years for a rating to rise from 0.000 to 100.000.]

[As an account owner you should try to keep your Trustworthiness Rating impeccable. As a business owner, you decide what ratings you find acceptable.]

[Businesses may use the values of "Exceeded" and "Last exceed date" to construct their own Trustworthiness Ratings.]

[Notice: Trustworthiness Ratings are not truly useful, before Phase Two [i.e. once identity verifications have commenced].]